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Dj Pro Course

W under DJ School has just what you need to develop your skills and creativity in the DJ field. With 30 years of experience in the DJ scene, added to the variety of professional and semi-professional equipment, you will be able to expand your knowledge reaching different scenarios. There are two programs in which you can focus on the electronic line with the different underground genres or on the crossover line where you can exercise different concepts such as global, Latin, urban.  You will find the curriculum and schedule of the course in the button and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Student Course Material

In this course you will learn mixing techniques, connections and handling of different Analog and Digital technologies such as: Turntables, CDJ, XDJ, DJ Controllers.  Operation and configuration of DJ software, musical selection and programming, exercising a career as a DJ and more topics that will complement our level as a DJ PRO.

Module 1- Basic Mix

In this module you will learn: History and Genres of Electronic Music (Beginnings), analog and digital signals, basic electrical signals, connections I of equipment and sound, handling of equipment I - turntables - CD units - mixer - console, musical components, mix I, equalization and Fx I.

Module 2- Intermediate Mix

In this module you will learn audio and video formats and quality, storage media, latency settings, installation and configuration of basic DJ software on Windows and Mac OS, connections II, equipment management II - DDJ + XDJ Controllers + Timecodes + Softwares (Traktor - Serato - Rekordbox Dj Performance), Streaming.

Module 3-Introduction Edition And Production

In this module you will learn audio and video reissue and editing, sound waves, musical tone and harmony, introduction to ableton live, tags and playlist, sessions and music programming, Connections III, equipment management III - Pioneer CDJ 2000NXS2 units + DJM 900NXS2 Mixer

Module 4-Advanced Mixing and Musical Lines

In this module you will learn advanced mixing and musical lines according to the student's profile.

  • Crossover Approach: In this module you will learn advanced mixing techniques, Global music line, Latin music line, urban music line, electronic music line.

  • Electronic Focus: Lines Indie Dance-NuDisco-Soulful, House-Tech House, Minimal, Progressive-Melodic, Techno.

Module 5- Working as a DJ and Marketing

In this module you will learn DJ ethics, party and public management, introduction to marketing I - personal brand, introduction to marketing II - groups - creation and organization of basic level events, contracts, equipment purchases, how to carry out a warm up, how to carry out a line up, 

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