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Registry of Guarantees

Guarantees are received by appointment from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The guarantee response will be made within a maximum period of 15 business days from the date of delivery of the equipment and registration.  In the case of equipment of recognized brands with support in Colombia, the response time will depend on the manufacturer and may exceed the 15 business days initially mentioned, in these cases the client will be informed of the details of the process every week.

Warranty Conditions on Products

Present your Original invoice and the merchandise with all the original accessories and packaging.

The respective guarantees will be given according to the limitations of the manufacturing companies in terms of time and coverage.

The warranty will not be effective for poor handling and physical damage such as blows, deterioration, humidity, liquids spilled on the product, the manufacturer's warranty is on factory defects.

The guarantee for electrical damage will not be effective, as an example: Burns due to high voltage, lack of regulation of the electrical system, lack of grounding system, errors in the electrical supply by the company that provides the energy service that you have. hired etc

The guarantee regarding any type of product will be automatically lost when any change or alteration of the same or its security seals is evidenced.

If at the time of making a guarantee effective, it becomes necessary to replace a part, it will continue with the same guarantee time that remains for the initial product. If the same product is not in stock, a credit note will be made to purchase a new product.​

The supplies are not guaranteed, as are the Accessories dependent on extensive handling such as headphones, microphones, push buttons, etc. Monitors must have more than five (5) damaged pixels for processing.

If, when reviewing a piece of equipment or spare part, it is found to be technically correct, the cost of the review will have a value of $20,000. This value will be paid by the client.

Merchandise changes are not made due to customer error or incompatibility with other hardware components.

Remember that the manufacturers of each product have at your disposal drivers and updates according to the operating system that you have installed through the Internet. These are subject to the supports of each manufacturer.

At the time of purchase, check the condition of the product, stating that it is complete and including all its accessories, after removal, changes or returns are not accepted.

Service Guarantee Conditions


If it is required to provide a guarantee in a service that was provided at home, a new technical visit will only be possible according to the available agenda and in the event that the technological equipment does not present problems that require revision in the workshop. If the opposite is the case and the equipment has faults that require revision in the workshop, it will be necessary to send the equipment to the address of the workshop calle 43 bis A Sur N° 79B-40, Barrio Nuevo Kennedy Sector II, so that the corresponding revision and the necessary adjustments.

NOTE: Taking into account the labor importance, a team will be loaned until the date that a final solution is provided to the case. This loan is subject to the availability of the same type of equipment.


We are not responsible for the content that is made in the backups of our clients' hard drives, since the information belongs to them and they are responsible for it. Nor is it responsible for the information saved on damaged devices since this may be partial or total depending on the security and status of the device.


We are not responsible for the leakage of any type of information or for the misuse of the passwords by the employees of the contracting company.


The guarantee will not be effective due to mishandling by the user that causes misconfiguration of the equipment, software and/or viruses.

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